Order of Merit

The order of merit points system will create a fair method to decide on who qualifies to play in the Tour Final, irrespecitve of being male or female, and for all handicap levels.

Results in the Tour Final for the preceeding year do not count for order of merit points, and a minimum of 3 events must be played during the year to qualify for inclusion in the order of merit table.

Points will be gained as follows:-

1st – 50 points, 2nd – 49 points, 3rd – 48 points, and so on down to 50th place in each event

The total number of points scored from the best three events played during the tour season, ending November, will count towards qualifying for the tour final in January the following year.

The more events you play, the better the chance you will have to qualify.

The top 40 in the order of merit at the end of November will qualify for the tour final, irrespective of handicap or being male or female