Rules and regulations

All events are covered by “The Rules of Golf” as laid down by the R and A, plus any local rules which may be in force at the time we visit the courses chosen to host the Tour.


Eligibility – The Tour is open to all golfers, both male and female, who use either a motorhome, campervan or touring caravan to tour the UK and/or Europe, and who wish to enjoy playing competitive golf at a variety of venues during the year, plus Guests who will be welcome to participate in events but who will not be eligible to be awarded Order of Merit Points or play in the Tour Final which be exclusively for Members.

Handicaps – In order to be eligible to enter scheduled events, Members and Guests will need a handicap.  We will recognise a handicap certificate issued by all golf clubs in the UK and Europe, including “Golfshake” who offer a free online handicapping service which is available to any golfer residing in the  or Europe.  For details of how to obtain such a handicap, visit . 

Members and Guests will be asked for proof of their handicap when taking part in their first event.

Members will be responsible for sending scores recorded in our Tour events to their respective handicapping club for adjustment during the Tour “year”.

As the maximum permitted handicap for male and female golfers differs from country to country in Europe, we have set our own maximum handicap allowances for competing in our Tour events.  These are men 40, ladies 52 for all events, including the Tour final to enable golfers of all abilities to be able to compete on a “level playing field” whether from the UK or Europe. 

Members and Guests with handicaps which are higher than the maximum handicaps set out above can compete, but on the maximum handicap allowance.

Competition Format – For all events, including the Tour final, Stableford, with full handicap allowance, playing in 3 or 4 ball flights will be used, with men from yellow tees and ladies from red tees.  All events will be over 36 holes, spread over 2 days.

Information for Members re Events – Competitor information, including start times, draw, and, where applicable, transport arrangements between camp sites and golf courses will appear on our website, with an Itinerary for each day.

Five to seven days prior to the start of the first competitive round, every competitor will also receive an email informing them that the draw and start times are available to view on line.

Caddies/Buggies – Caddies are permitted, under the responsibility of the Member taking part, and buggies are permitted at all events where they are available for hire.

Entry Fees – To secure a place in an event, the relevant deposit is payable at the date of entry.

Payment of the balance of the entry appropriate entry fees will be payable on arrival at each event..

If a competitor withdraws from an event within one calendar month from the date of the event, and a replacement cannot be found, he/she will be liable for full payment of the entry fee, unless the campsite/golf course waive their charges, in which case the member will receive a full refund of any monies paid.

In the unfortunate event of the Motorhome and Caravan Euro Tour Limited deciding to cancel or postpone any event due to lack of entries, or for any other reason, members who have paid a deposit, or the full entry fee will receive a full refund of all monies paid, or if preferred, a transfer to a later event.

Payment for all events can be made on line with debit/credit cards when registering to enter events.

GPS/Range finder equipment – The use of GPS and laser range finder equipment is permitted only for measuring distance.

Ties – As all events are over 36 holes spread over 2 days, ties for prizes and to obtain merit points in the Order of Merit will be decided by a card playoff, using scores recorded on the Member’s score card over the last 18 holes played, and then if there is still a tie, over the last 9,6,3,2,1 until a result is achieved.

Order of Merit – The Order of Merit will start with the first event of the Tour season, and finish after the last event.  Points will be awarded for every event played depending on finishing position, which will be used to determine the qualifiers for the Tour final to be held in January the following year.

The total points scored from your best 3 events during the Tour year will decide an Order of Merit position, and a minimum of 3 events must be played to qualify for a place in the final, but the more events you play, the higher the chance of qualifying.  Results of the Tour Final do not qualify for inclusion in the Order of Merit but is treated as a special event, only open to qualifiers from the previous year.